Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cookies 1+ .... Liz 0

TODAY was the day.  I was ready to put my past behind me...

I have a condition. The first apparent sign of it was when I was 12.  My Mom was busy and needed to get dinner started she innocently asked me to go to the kitchen and boil water...

I drug my feet into the kitchen and stared blankly at the fridge
I found my self wondering..
"what possibly could the word boil mean?"

After a very frustrating conversation with my Mom trying to communicate that I had no idea what this boiling water was I realized that
 A. Cooking was not my thing
 B. It seemed to be a big deal to Mama P that I didn't know what boil meant
 C. This was a very serious condition

ANYWAYS this was followed by years of cooking and baking disasters.  MANY people are part of these memories.

but today! today was the day.  I have managed to learn how to cook a few meals. However I have yet to successfully bake anything that didn't come in a box or package.

With some online recipe help I got started...
I even had/still have on my cute apron that I SWEAR helps me cook better AND it felt so great.  I felt like such a good little house wife, baking Sunday cookies that maybe I could take to the neighbors:) (church today was about service)

However the batter didn't look right so I went to Chase
"Chase is everything okay?"
"Yeah babe everything is great"
"No! my cookies does the batter look weird?"

He followed me into the kitchen and started examining the ingredients I used...
to sum things up.  The powdered sugar is in a clear plastic Tupperware...I swear it looks exactly like flour..

SO baking has beat me once again. Whats new? At least my Husband thought it was cute

I will let you know how these suckers taste Ha!

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  1. Liz, this made me laugh! Remember your one successful cupcake endeavor for Sharif...even though those were from a box. ;)