Friday, September 23, 2011

Ladies and Gentleman, let the games begin

If you understand my title, there is a good chance then you are just like me... OBSESSED.

I resent myself a little bit because of it.  It's hard sometimes to swallow being so crazy about something that so many other people been crazy about.  BUT I don't even care.

Hunger Games

in four days I read all three books
one day=one book with a day break between 1 & 2 while I tracked down where I could get my hands on books 2 and 3

sad? very.
Did I neglect my husband? yes.
  It's an excuse I know but I really couldn't tear myself away.  When he realized this I think he just wanted it to be over.  (don't worry to much I got a handful of productive things done)

Once this was over I had to look up the characters for the upcoming movie ( WHICH IS BEING SHOT IN NC!!!...The place I spent my summer. WHAT was I thinking)

I am fairly pleased:) My friend Debbie warned me about having feelings for a couple characters in the books.
she was right
I have talked to Chase about exactly how wrong it is that my heart aches a little bit towards Peeta and Gale.  He just laughs...(as I read this I realize that how obsessed I sound...but that's only because I am really obsessed)

The movie date is March 23rd.  I may or may not be at that premier dressed up... Chases may also be there dressed up... who will we be?
 Katniss & Peeta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




I am well aware that Chase would make a better gale than Peeta.  BUT...

don't think less of me friends...


  1. I share you same obsession. they are soo good and so gripping! they have so much imagery I can picture Katniss coming out in a fiery outfit with peeta. I think I will read them again!

  2. I am soooo excited! Somewhere deep down I knew they would make the books into movies but now it's a reality! I too am slightly, okay really obssessed. I think they picked good looking people for the characters. They actually look like them.