Monday, September 12, 2011

The great people of the world

Today for family home evening Chase and I decided to hike the Y (a giant letter Y on the side of a mountain here in Provo)

 I refuse to admit that I may be a little out of shape so I will say that the altitude change we recently went through made us have to catch our breath more than once on the way up...

When we got up there though we got a treat:) not only did we have an awesome view of the valley

We also made it up to the top of the Y at the same exact time as a Roger Lewis.

Who is Roger?  He is just a happy man that was excited to see us up there.  He talked to us instantly (after catching his breath) asked us where we were from like he probably knew someone from there (and he did) made a couple more witty comments just in time for his grandson and son to struggle up the hill.

did I mention this man had a severe limp and carried a cane?
did I mention that he left an hour early so he could meet his kin at the top of the Y?
did I mention that this man looked to be about 70? (being that active I would guess he is older than he looks too)


I couldn't help it I ease dropped on their conversation.   It was intelligent witty and hilarious.  I loved it.

Gotta Love Life

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