Sunday, September 18, 2011

Love those lemonade stands

This weekend Chase and I had the chance to babysit our CUTE Nephew and Niece. Charlie and Lucy (they even have the cute names!)


The weather was awesome and running around with Charlie and Lucy/chasing them was so very refreshing.
(I know it looks weird the camera was on a strange setting)


Charlie and Lucy with Muncle Chase

Anyways, The Neighbor girls had a Lemonade stand

...It didn't look like this picture.  Were talking classic card table three dining room chairs and three girls screaming every 5-10 minutes "LEMONADE $0.25!!!!"

We walked over and  I asked for 3 glasses.  They poured us each about an inch of lemonade and sent us on our way.

These girls were very cost effective. :)

anyways we played and it became time for bed.  Charlie said his prayers to me and this is what he said

"Heavenly Father thank you for Mom Dad going on a date so that I could play with Muncle Chase"

:):):):): I have such a keeper

p.s Don't worry Mama P we don't have baby fever

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  1. well my kids think you guys are the best! i'm happy someone finds running around with them refreshing... i just find it exhausting... but then I do it all day everyday! thank you thank you thank you!!!!