Monday, April 18, 2011


Tonight Chase asked me on a date:D

Sounds tricky right since he is approximatively 776 miles away from me at this instant


We made a plan to skype at 8:30 Pacific standard time

I showered (because you have to smell good for a date right?)

put on a little bit of makeup (not that he can tell because my webcam is low quality)

And I got on skype!!!

Just saying but Chase Moffat looks SO cute, even on skype. :D oh and he is MY boyfriend? how lucky am I?

we started talking away and I was really enjoying his dove like voice when the door bell ran

It was a whole lot of Chinese foood!! (Orange chicken is my favorite food:) )

I came back to my computer with my Chinese and sat down and Chase Moffat pulled out his own Chinese so that we could have dinner together:):):)

What a babe right?

Yeah what a hunk...



  1. jake said there was a fat man at your door with food

  2. Okay I feel like I am stalking you since you may or may not know that I read your blog (Chase said I could) cute is that Chase? He ordered Chinese for you? Wow that is creative! Oh and on side note I loved your post on turning over a new leaf. I have a friend that I have lost touch with and that idea is just the perfect solution for re connecting.