Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sometimes you just have to smile

Day 27: A picture of me and a family member.

This is my Nephew N8. He is the cutest kid ever.  No one has any ground to argue
                                                                    What a gent.


Blogging is hard when you are not in your place of residence. anyways...
 Just saying...

  • I have a big fat crush on Chase Robinson Moffat. (what a hunk)
  • General Conference was AMAZING
  • I collected my belongings from Rexy, I have WAY to much stuff. 
  • I got my first ticket.  I cried.  (287 bones!)
  • I gave notice on my job (a nice way of saying quit) and started a new one
  • Went to pick up my check and had a Birthday Invite from one of my 3 year old students. :D
  • New job= dentist office
  • I am moving to North Carolina in less than a month....
  • My room is a disaster, I have not made my bed in two days! Its driving me crazay!

The drive to Rexy this weekend was a long one.  LUCKILY I had great company and the drive was beautiful

I miss my real camera...* (but thank you phone)
This is my Contemplating spot. Medford you are    beautiful 

Sunrise.  Still in Medford but it was so pretty we had to stop and admire it for a bit

This be the drive home. I can not even remember the last time I had caffeine before this picture.  But I can tell you how tired I was.  

Quote= "If you want something to last you treat it different, it become special because you have made it so" - Burton

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