Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Do you ever have days that you think and reflect constantly?

This is my day backwards…

I filled out report cards for the kids I teach lessons too.

The report cards for the older kids I am required to write a message, generally the message written is something like “I hope to see you next month!” or “You did great!” BUT as I was about to write my messages I remembered the teachers that have influenced my life and changed my life.  They were the ones that took the time to love me and made the extra effort to help me understand that I am unique and special and worthwhile.   So even though it took an extra half hour or so I took the time to write a real message to each kid.  Maybe it doesn’t matter, but maybe it does and I just helped mold someone into a better person by just taking a little extra timeJ

I visited my roomy Kara at work!

I really like her and so I decided she needed some love from my hear t to hers.  She always listens to me and the cheesy things I say about chase.  Also she puts up with all my peculiar behavior, like when I remake my bed 5 or 6 times just so that the blanket looks completely strait.  She thinks its funny when I sleep talk and never gets freaked out.  SO! I cut out a big red heart and taped it to her window.  I may or may not have wrote a small love note.

On my way home from work the sun was setting and it was one of the most beautiful sunsets ever.  I had to pull over and just look at it for a little bit.  The air was still warm and so I got out of my car and just admired it.  My life is a good one


I am really starting to see kids improve in their swimming abilities.  I never in a million years thought that I would love teaching so much.  I thought that I would never have the patience.  I guess prayers really work;)

Mama P and I hiked table rock

Today was SOOOOO beautiful outside.  So we headed to the table rocks and walked our way up to the top and enjoyed the beautiful weather and view.  Thank you heavenly father for giving us this beautiful planet called earth.  I would never have been creative enough to come up with a place that is so completely beautiful
Work (in the office)

I wore my princess headband.  Yes I am 20… but my Dad always told me I was a princess so its appropriate that I have a sparkly diamond headband no big.  People always call me hun, sweety, or dearest.  But today!!!! A man was leaving the pool and said “bye princess” I wish he knew that he made my day.

I gave Daniel a ride to school.  He is my best friend.  I can’t even remember what we talked about but I remember feeling so happy.  Please stay good Daniel.

Ate breakfast!  I LOVE breakfast.  When I go to sleep at night sometimes I get really excited about having breakfast in the morning.  On the menu for today Granola and yogurt, YUM

Exercised…I LOVE exercising in the morning.  It just feels right. I like that.

Took Jacob and Olivia to school.  I thought that taking them to school every morning was really going to 
irritate me.  Turns out they make me laugh every morning.  I am pretty sure this chore is a really healthy one for me.

Studied the good book.   I have been studying Christ’s attributes.  I like him.

Woke up sad to get out of bed… WHAT WAS I THINKING! I should have known it was going to be a 
good day.

Day 24= A picture of my favorite day
Chase I know you were really wanting this to be a day with you.  Days with you have all made the list of my best days but the winner is 

John and I were visiting my Grandpa right before he passed away.  We went and got subway and then headed to the bay to eat out lunch.  There was no wind and the weather was perfect.  We just talked laughed and ate lunch together.  Thank you so much God for making me related to my best friends.

This quote just makes me happy "you make me giddy! cause being around you is like eating PASTA! the best thing that can happen in one day" -Sarah Shwarz 

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