Saturday, March 26, 2011

Who do you wanna be?

I have been thinking a lot about Christs attributes this last week (thank you Kate Folsom) and how I want to emulate him.  So I have decided to take action!

Christ was an unbelievable friend.  To EVERYONE! I try to be kind to everyone I encounter,  But I can think of so many times that I have been lazy and not acted like a friend should act.  He loves everyone so unconditionally.  Imagine watching over everyone who has existed on this earth.  AND not only that, but I know that Christ listens to my pleas worries and concerns every day.  I can almost see him relaxing in a big comfy lazy boy listening intently while I sit on the chairs foot rest pouring out my soul.  And I know he does this for everyone.  He is the ultimate friend.  So for the rest of March I am going to be a better friend.  It’s the least I can do.  Especially since the Lord has blessed me with the best friends anyone could ask for. 


This last week rocked my socks, since this is kind of a journal Ima tell all about my magical week!
I spent this last week in Provo visiting my friends, family and boyfriend.  Let’s be honest though… I spent the last week in Provo visiting my boyfriend (I love saying that) and I got to see my friends and family too. 

Last Thursday evening Chase informed me that his Mom and Sister were heading to Utah Friday afternoon and that I was invited.  After a serious battle with my nerves and some Kate love and encouragement I decided to head out.

The drive was long but I at least enjoyed my company.  Turns out that Lisa and Megan Moffat are dang funny.  Also Shari Dew shared a few thoughts with us on our drive and I learned a some valuable things from her.   We had a slumber party somewhere in the dessert of Nevada and the next afternoon arrived at The Butlers in Lehi (Chases sister/brother in-law).  Just saying, but I was a bundle of nerves thinking about seeing Chase, and when I did see him…I was still a bundle of nerves.  When he pulled up outside the Butlers home I was doing all I could to keep myself calm (embarrassing right?).   

We may or may not have held hands in the back room…

Sorry Mama P. but I’m going to write about my first kiss with this boy.  I know you hate that so just skip this paragraph.  Also sorry that I am telling this to the world, after exploring campus the rest of the day we set out to find adventure.  We ended up on a stroll in a park around Utah lake.  Blah blah blah.  Chase asked if he could kiss me.  What a hunk! How could I not agree to him kissing my face.  Needless to say it was incredible…Yes, I am a cheese ball.   A little bit later he said “Liz, Wanna be my girlfriend” I said “sure”

The rest of the week is a blur of bliss.  We went to a hot springs, hiked a mountain to a big letter Y, Cooked meals, made finger paintings, visited temple square, attempted to roast mallows on a really bright light, and a lot of other things that are AWESOME. I also got the chance to have a lot of fun with Kate and Hal and go to dinner and play a lot with my cousins Nicole Kristen Cory and Chris.  Yeah. They rock.   

Sadly, this week had to come to an end and this morning I left Utah again with the Moffats.  I had fun considering the drive.  PS Medford is sooooooooooo beautiful. Just saying,  I could not even believe how much I missed it and I was only gone a week. 
“There are big ships, and there are small ships, but the best kind of ship is friendship”

Day 22= a picture of something I wish I was better at

Good news I dont have to wish I was better at things. I can do whatever I want it just takes hard work so what I know I can work harder to be better at is...


  1. HAH Liz Perry you crack me up, also I think you got your facts wrong maybe, did I really ask if I could kiss you? I'm so dang polite. Also, Answer your phone I have cool things to tell you about

  2. Liz I LOVE your blog it's so inspiring! You are one of my new role models! (: And I love where you said, "Good news I dont have to wish I was better at things. I can do whatever I want it just takes hard work so what I know I can work harder to be better at is..." That is so true! Thanks for being who you are, you are awesome!!

  3. Alli you rock my socks haha I miss your face so very much girl.