Saturday, March 12, 2011

We Make a Good Team

Ok world I think you all should know something.

 I really like this boy named Chase Moffat. He is basically the most handsome Prince Charming who rode up on his white stallion and has swept me off my feet. Seriously. He is a babe. We like to talk about important serious stuff in life like whether or not we roll the end of our toothpaste tubes or squeeze them. I cant even count the number of times that he has been in my mind and the I realize that my cheeks are about to cramp up due excessive smiling. I tell him often that I am going to serve a mission, but deep down within me I want him to propose because life with him would be  well beyond magical. Seriously, newlyweds in a cute little apartment all to ourselves. We could leave Skype in the dusk and forget that we even own cell phones, which are currently our lifelines to each other. Also, we also be able to go on all of our dreamy camping trips!

In short, I really like him, he is currently my favorite person in the world, more than Elvis. Chase makes me feel safe even though he is not around. Chase makes me feel like a million bucks, he makes me feel so indescribably good. And I like him. Day 17, a picture of something that has made a huge impact on my life recently. My name is Liz Perry and I approve this message


  1. I can never take you seriously Liz Perry

  2. dear world. This was made by Chase Moffat himself...

  3. I put my trust in you Chase Moffat. abuse of power!