Saturday, March 5, 2011

My face hurts from smiling

Today is such a good day!...why?
There is no particular reason. WHICH is my favorite kind of good day.

  • I listened to Elvis while I made lunch with my favorite apron on
  • Read my scriptures :)  (40 pages left of my BOM)
  • listened to some talks
  • laughed my face off with Kara and Casey
  • cleaned our garage
  • Talked to a cute boy on the phone
I have not done much... But I just feel happy.  I really like this life thing, I think I will keep at it.

Day 10: A picture of the person I do the craziest things with

There is a tie...
This is Tamra Nelson and Whitney Floyd.
As you can see they are in cuffs..
Need I say more?
Also in this picture you may notice that they are dressed like they are about to rob someone...
Just saying.  thats really apple juice.
thas all

I can not even believe how much I love these girls 

"Liven, Lovin, Laughin, thats what I be doin"

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