Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I believe in instant karma

Day 7: A picture of my most treasured item

Not to be super typical...but! I really do treasure my scriptures! I spend quality time with them everyday.

Also on my night stand are a few other items that deserve a shout out.  My journal, a National Geographic National Parks book (slowly making my way through it. and I recommend it!) Preach my Gospel.  And my gangs wrist band. (please don't kick me out for not wearing it at this very moment)

"When the time comes for you to sacrifice for which you believe, will you have the faith to make the sacrifice? Will you commit to do anything the Lord asks, even if it means putting aside lifelong goals?"

this quote ALWAYS makes me stop and think.  Initially I always tell myself that I will do anything the lord asks and make any sacrifice I have to...  But what about the things that I have planned for my life?  I know that sometimes and someday I will have to sacrifice the "good" things in my life for the "great" things.  So I just pray that when I am older and wiser that I can have the perspective to recognize whats good and whats great.

Thas All

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