Wednesday, March 9, 2011

He makes me smile

Last night I watched a documentary on solitary confinement.  I couldn't get through it.  How sad is it that so many people end up in some kind of confinement resulting from their breaking the law.  I started thinking about what gets people there.  It really all stems from lack of education or lack of understanding in at least some area of life.  With true understanding of a law or principle there is no way that you would rebel against it.  Some people just never have the opportunity to learn how to live an honest life and how to work hard to have that life.  I have said it so many times, but I am SO lucky.  I have always lived with rock star parents that have taught me how to work hard and taught me that goodness exists.    Thank you to them:)

AND I just wanted to put up a picture of daisy's because I love them so much

Day 14 = A picture of a person I could never live without.

This is Kate Folsom
There is NO way I could live without her.
I could make a huge list of good things about this girl
I love you Kate

"A man never stands taller then when he is on his name"    -Chase says it (he is a reliable source)

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  1. Dude you totally butchered that quote, you are lucky I check this blog so frequently. it goes like this, " A man never stands taller than when he is on his knees" obviously a reference to prayer