Friday, March 11, 2011


I love those days when notice how good life is.  Like today!  
Its warm outside:)  
work was really really fun! 
I just noticed that Mama P is more amazing than I even thought
I got to really clean and realized that I kind of like cleaning (another sign of my old age)
I am very soon leaving to go have a family weekend, we're just staying in a hotel and going to explore the lava caves tomorrow.  I am SO excited.

Just saying, I changed the picture on my phone to one of a giraffe and I have watched a few documentaries on animals.  I crave the zoo.

OH! and coming tomorrow! A list of the most interesting animals that I have found during the times when I waste time researching things like that online.  

Day 16:   A picture of someone who inspires me

I don't have a picture of her.

Her Name is Judy
I taught her swim lessons. 
 Judy is in her late 60s and never learned to swim until a month ago.  She suffers from a few diseases that do not allow her to feel her feet at all among other things.  I never heard her complain and I know she was in a lot pain sometimes.  She decided to learn to swim because she is determined to conquer her fears one at a time:)  If I was tired or maybe not in the best mood all she had to do was say hi.  Judy is deaf in one ear and talks quite loudly. (good thing when she does talk she just makes everyone laugh) and! I swear somehow she knew every single person I ever saw her come across, watching them talk to her you could see them beaming with pride just knowing her.  

I want to be like her.  She really inspires me to love life.
"Don't forget, you are the son or daughter of a King" - Sister Neilson

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