Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Good vs Bad

FIRST of all
Lets all keep praying and keep remembering those who have been affected by the tsunami near japan.
Can you even imagine what it would be like to have your home and all your belongings carried away in the tide? lets be thankful:)

I just gotta say. I LOVE people. If you think about it most people are nice MOST of the time. The times people are grumpy they just gotta be having an off moment right? so thats no big.

I went caving with my family. We all wore head lamps with pride. I can not even believe how cool we are and how much I love them.

Today after work I was the last one to get in the showers. WHICH means that I was the last one in the locker room aka I could sing my heart out in a GIANT bathroom. This is the part of the day that I lately have been looking forward to most. (except for the part of the day that I am talking to this babe I know on the phone)


Day 20 = A picture of somewhere that I would like to travel

"After a hurricane, comes a rainbow"
- Katy Perry (my cuz)
Day 21= A picture of something I wish I could forget

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