Thursday, March 10, 2011


Dear sun,
I love you you will always be my favorite thing ever but TODAY! I LOVE the rain!...
you see, I have these completely fabulous rain boots that I am close to obsessed with,
and now that I live in Medford instead of Rexburg I have not had very many chances to
puddle stomp.  SO thank you for taking your time this morning.

With all my love

See those Yellow boots!!!! those are mine
Yes, sometimes I get impatient and wear them when its not even raining

Day 15= A picture of something I want to do before I die.

This one is easy as pie.  I just had to choose from my bucket list

Someday I am going to see the Northern lights.  Pictures of them are so incredible I can't wait to see the real deal

AND I hopefully someday I will go to the World Cup.
I love you World Cup...

Today A girl I teach swim lessons told me a joke she said "WANNA HEAR A JOKE?... How deep can I go under water....8 INCHES!"  She then went under water.... 8 inches.  I really like little kids

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