Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I got in the car and drove into summer


So basically at this very moment I am in Dickson Tennessee.  Where is Dickson TN you might ask... (story time)

Yesterday was one of the best days of my life. And trust me I have been DYING to blog about it but first let me explain why I am in Dickson.

last night our goal was to go about half hour East of Nashville and stop for the night.  About half hour WEST of Nashville 150 ft away from exit 172 South Dickson the front right tire of Chases two wheel drive 2006 silver Honda Civic blew.

 why so specific?

My Mom got road side assistance for our cell phones.  After CLEARLY explaining what you might think simple information for 45 minutes to Joseph (who was very nice) the road side assistance coordinator we got someone to come change our spare
-but that is a story by itself

This is Chase...
Its hard to see BUT
Yes, this man is wearing booty shorts 
OH and he has a flannel shirt on
...and he also had a nice mullet

Side note: Last night I heard loud sirens warning me of a tornado...
First thought upon waking up: YES! I lived.

So here I am SO excited to tell you about my travels across the USA. but it has to wait.  It is time to hit the road again.

So Hello. I love you. even in Tennessee.

Don't worry I used Chases whole camera battery taking pictures.

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