Monday, February 28, 2011

100 pages left:)

Day 5= A picture of my favorite memory.

Dear 30 day challenge.
You got me, I can't choose. (and I don't have that many picture) Instead I am making a list of just SOME of the good ones. included will be a letter from Whitney Floyd reminiscing on a few of ours, along with some of my own thoughts

Respectfully, Liz

There was the time...
-EVERY Saturday my senior year Kate, Al, and I ding dong ditched Brennon.
-all the summer sunsets that I watched with Kate:)

-Scooter/Roller blade gang every C day of Highschool

-When Tamra and I ended up going to the Gay pride parade...

-2nd Christmas in March with Tamra, Neil and Ben/ Special Olympics

-When Jon, Ben, and I went to Mc Ds dressed high class and brought a table cloth and appropriate dining utensils
-I told Mama P she was no fun... and then she threw a glass of water one me... over dinner. haha
-When John Daniel and I filled up a huge punching bag balloon with water... and then popped it...(sorry mom)
-I drew a smiley face in my moms "practice cheesecake" she told us not to touch it..(Someday I will say sorry and mean it Mom)
-When my friend and I wore giant animal sunglasses all day at the zoo.
-Walking around Ashland all day and "Hiking" in lithia park with Chase

AND this is part of a letter from Whitney

WE will have many more memories to come but don't worry 
I wont accidently gleek on your face when i'm trying to tell you a story.
We will make many forts in our family room.
AND hopefully we wont be left alone together at home to snoop through everyones personals.
We can make naked snow angels if you want.
And then cuddle on your bed to watch Glee or the Office, but not too close cuz thats too much affection. 
THEN you can throw your pillow at the light 56 times to turn it off when its time to go to bed.
And if i accidently fall off my bed with my legs crossed we can laugh our faces off.
And during the summer we can go jump off bridges. (AND when I say we i mean you, because we both know how reliable i am)

 AND then we can tie some candy to a string and pull some pranks on boys and call ourselves GENUIUSES!! (BUT only if you don't dump the water too early :] )
PERHAPS we can go to a Harry Potter premier and salmon the crap out of each other, and some strangers if felicia is there.
THEN we can milk a bloody cow hahahah I guess that doesnt work on white girl hair.
AFTER we can put our swim suits on and play in the rain just so we can cross it off of our bucket list. (yes, I still have our bucketlist)

Sorry 30 Day challenge.  But I gladly Fail today,  No way can I choose!

Quote:“Sow a thought, reap and act; sow an act, reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a character; sow a character, reap and eternal destiny.   –Such is the power- and the outcome—of our thoughts” -David O. Mckay

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  1. I made it onto your blog!!!!! I didn't think it would be until day 14, but you always seem to surpass expectations.