Monday, February 14, 2011

Spreadin the Love

Me: Whale you be my Valentines?
Mama P: Dolphinetly

Love you Mom.
 (Yes I know, I am the best daughter in the whole wide world)

To all those haters,  Yes,  You should show the people you love that you love them everyday of the whole year.  Yes,  It is the pits to see all the happy couples today exchanging gifts and being so in love when you might not have a significant other.  I acknowledge you.  (however I view this day differently than you but thank goodness for different points of view right?) ps I am no hypocrite I don't have a significant other this V day.

To everyone! I LOVE you! not to be confused with me being IN love with you.  I love this day.  There is an excuse to let everyone know that you love them in cute ways! how awesome is that! and just a side note.  If you're feeling like no one loves you, don't forget.  God loves you and understands you.  and on top of that.  I bet if you really tried you could think of at least 5 people who care about you.  Thas all.

Its been a fun week.  Making Valentines, treats, and heart attacking people.  This quote wins for today
"Truthfully she's better than the girl of my dreams, I mean, she's real." 500 days of summer

Peace and Blessings:)

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  1. K that card is Also, I love 500 days of summer.