Sunday, February 27, 2011

I LOVE Sundays

I just gotta say that...Last night I went to a talent show,  It was so special! I felt so honored that so many people were brave enough to share things that they are gifted at.  Things that they had spent time learning.  regardless whether they were confident or not in getting up in front of everyone and performing. everyone did SO well,  I really felt so much love for the performers! What studs! way to stick it to the man and increase your ability :D :D :D

So Day 4= A picture of my favorite night.

This was a hard question.  I can think of so many fun/funny/amazing nights with such amazing people but the winner is...

One summer night there was a meteor shower,  Mama P loaded us and our friends up in our van. We drove about an hour into the mountains, into the middle of no where, with our lawn chairs and all sat and watched the meteor shower until late.  This is NOT a real picture of it.  but that night was my favorite.

Quote= "How could you be unhappy with 20 thingamabobs?" -John ByTheWay

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  1. OH GOLLY! I LOVE THAT QOUTE!! I actualy Laughed for like an hour after I read it on thursday at the temple :D its kinda silly! LOVE you LIZ!! Your Talk WAS AMAZING TODAY!!!