Wednesday, February 23, 2011

stop and think

I love when life gives you little things to smile about all day, I hope we all take the time to recognize them this is my list of the little things that made me smile today

  • This morning Daniel made me breakfast (even if was just toasting a bagel for me, he is my best friend)
  • I had to drop my brother off at work this morning, somehow I managed to get lost… I thought it was funny and laughed my face off at myself.
  • At work during the beginning of my first class (It is a class with young ladies in their late 60s) Judy said to me “Liz how are you today, I don’t know about you but I am feeling SEXY” She is one sexy sixty year old :D 
  • A little boy in one of my classes informed me that the drain in the pool was actually a passage way to where the cannibals live, He very politely requested that we please avoid that area of the pool.  (I love my job can I just say that 50 more times?)
  • At my Institute class today my good friend shared some insights that I REALLY needed.  (I hope you read this Jared and thank you again)
  • My younger brother and I went on an “adventure” to pick up John from work.  Unfortunately there were no animals to see today on our African safari, after awhile we got bored and spent a long time contemplating if a steam boiler could run on milk instead of water.  (Not as random as it may seem we spend to much time watching documentaries)

  • I cleaned up my brothers room for him and left an annoying   “ I love you” sticky note on his computer

  • There was a new container of fresh salsa in the fridge…I may or may not just eat strait salsa from time to time… sometimes I use chips but It’s not like I am fooling anyone, I just use it as a spoon.

  • The first thing my mom said to me today was I love you.  I really like it when that happens

Those are a few of my smiles! Hopefully they made you smile too? Judy wins the quote of the day.  You rock Judy just saying but she never learned how to swim and just started learning a month ago.  I could not be more proud of her she is so great!

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