Friday, February 18, 2011

This is Why

Every once in awhile I think I am having a rough day.  THEN I realize how many great things I have going for me, how lucky I am for every little thing I experience,  and how happy I should be for other people when they are feeling joy!

Here is what I know.

It's about a ten minute drive to work  and every day I realize how awesome god is! the drive is M azingly pretty

I get to work and realize that I can not stop smiling.  What I do makes me so happy even when it is difficult.  But then again, who wouldn't be happy getting paid to go play at the pool all day with their friends... I tried to think of something bad about my "job" once... couldn't do it.

I go home and every evening my Dad (who is SO rad) makes a very pretty plate of dinner that he has somehow saved for me with a few boys around who eat ALOT. It is super cute of him.
                   (this is not really my meal.  I just like smiley faces..)

I have the bests friends and family anyone could ever ask for!  They are the best kind of people in the whole wide world.  I am so glad I got so lucky:)  

I got lucky enough to have my beliefs!

I got some skillz

the list goes on...

Quote for today: “Do not just endure, enjoy the special moments” – Brother Baird


  1. Hi. You are so great. Sometimes I think I'm having a rough day and then I read your blog about life being great and it makes me stop pouting. You are always so positive and I admire you a lot. P.S. I am honored to be featured on your blog. :)