Friday, February 4, 2011

Be mine

TODAY! I was in wal mart.  I ended up looking at all the Valentines, you know the ones that come in those boxes used by little kids?
 I got way to excited... I decided to purchase some for my friends:D so! after a very hard decision between the spider man ones and the bug ones.
                       I went home put on some love music and started working on my Valentines!!!!!

A good friend of mine called me during this process and asked what I was up to after a short conversation He  got off the phone saying
 "Liz I love you like Japanese kids love Sponge bob McDonald's toys"    
 This is probably one of the most romantic things anyone could say to me because for a short time i obsessed about this video below
anyways. SPREAD THE LOVE its almost Valentines day:D


  1. we want one. really bad.
    kar and wade
    371 w 18th street
    idaho falls idaoh 83402

  2. Hey Cousin guess what! my roommate bought the exact same valentines! what a coincidence!
    Love, Nicole