Saturday, February 26, 2011

I am Growing up!

Last night I came to the consensus with Kara (my roommate) that we should build a fort.  In the past I would gladly build and sleep in a fort on the ground... BUT I am an old lady and really didn't want to sleep on the floor.  so! check it.   Old age rocks!
We even sport the old lady pajamas. :)

Oh! and Day3= A picture of the cast from my favorite TV show

Shout out to Fresh Prince of Bel-Air I love you and always will but! if I am honest with myself....

Gotta love it.

"Your happiness is entirely dependent on you, there is no variable, there is no situation, there is no one else that can make you as happy as you can.  Others may aid your happiness, but only if you allow it" -Evan Johnson

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