Thursday, February 24, 2011

30 Days

So... There is this 30 day "challenge" thing going around.  I am choosing to participate however I have some doubts about it being a challenge.  I mean its just things about me and I know myself.  But I decided that since this is kind of a journal it might be cool?

Day 1: A picture of yourself with 10 facts

1. I have a mild obsession with Elvis
2. I love heavenly father and Jesus Christ a lot, lets face it they rock
3. I can say the ABCs backwards without thinking twice
4. I am double jointed in my arm pits 
5. I firmly believe that chocolate milk can solve a whole lot of problems
6. Skydiving didn't scare me, germs do
7. I would give almost anything to go to the 2014 World Cup
8. It may shock you but I have never gotten a ticket (knock on wood)
9. I love big fat rain drops
10. My family is SO important to me,  My lil bros= my BFFs

“In gods strength we can do all things” this is Not really anything to do with anything today its just because I like it

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